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The Centre has neither dormitory nor restaurant facilities to offer students. The following prices are approximations to help students in making their budget:
a) Religious institutions: monthly about 250 - 400 euro
b) Single furnished rooms in family homes: monthly about 500 euro
c) Furnished apartments: monthly about 450 - 1.100 euro

  • Furnished apartments can be shared. The heating may or may not be included in the monthly rent.
  • The Centre does not accept any responsibility for student accommodation.
  • There are licensed rental agents in Bergamo who work quite independently of the Centre and who can be contacted for accommodation.
  • Relevant information will be sent to the student together with the letter of acceptance.

  • In choosing appropriate clothing, it will help prospective students to know that the winter climate of Northern Italy is cold, rainy and foggy, and that the standard of European heating may vary greatly. Furthermore there are occasions for which formal dress is required.

  • Please ensure that all personal electrical appliances are compatible with Italian voltage (220 volts).

  • Students should note that the course involves expenses connected with transport for observations and with school supplies.


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Bergamo Skyline

"It surpassed all expectations. I will remember this amazing year in Bergamo for the rest of my life." Alumni