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Diploma students: College graduates, qualified elementary school teachers, and students with a diploma from an A.M.I. Children's House course, have priority of admission. In order to apply, a student must reach the age of 18 years by the first day of the course. The Course Director reserves the right of admission.

It must be emphasized that students from all countries other than those of the European Union need a student visa and should apply for this to the Italian Consulate for their area of residence, on the basis of the official letter of acceptance from the Centre.

Auditors: Any persons wishing to acquaint themselves with Dr. Montessori's work may be admitted as auditors. The same non-returnable documents are required. Auditors are subject to payment of all fees. A certificate of attendance (specifying the percentage of attendance for a) Lectures; b) Observation in Montessori Classes; c) Seminars/Meetings; and d) Practice with the Montessori material) will be issued at the end of the Course. This certificate, however, does not entitle the holder to conduct classes with the Montessori Method. The Course Director reserves the right of admission.

There is no deadline as such for application, but there is a limit to the number of student places. Applications received after May 1st will incur a late fee.

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"Not in the service of any political or social creed should the teacher work, but in the service of the complete human being, able to exercise in freedom a self-disciplined will and judgement, unperverted by prejudice and undistorted by fear." Maria Montessori