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Students working with Mathematics



All application documents should be submitted together, in a single packet.

Please forward the following documents along with required essay answer and reference letters:
1. Birth certificate
2. Official transcripts or records from the applicant's high school, college, and graduate school (with a notarized translation into English, if requested).
3. Official copies of high school and university diplomas.
4. Photocopy of diplomas or certificates obtained from previous Montessori courses.
These documents are not returnable.

  • Application form and documents/records must be sent by mail.
  • Students must inform the Centre of their full postal address (not just their e-mail address) so that the Centre can send the relevant papers by mail.
  • The application form must be completed by the prospective student personally and must state clearly:
    • The academic year for which the student is applying. (If the academic year is not indicated in the application form, the Centre will assume it is the soonest one possible.)
    • The status chosen for the course, either “Candidate for Diploma” or “Auditor”
  • The application form must bear the personal signature of the prospective student.
  • Download our: Brochure cover | Brochure inside pages | Application form

All three parts constitute the complete 2024-2025 brochure

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