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Timeline of the Hand



a) Application fee (to be paid on applying): 400 EURO (late application or late payment of the application fee, that is, dated from April 1st on, will require an additional 50 EURO fee). This fee (minus the bank charges) is refundable if the student is not accepted for the course; it is not refundable if the student is accepted.

b) Tuition fee (to be paid by Sept. 2nd 2021): 9,700 EURO
• This fee may not be paid in instalments.
• It is understood that enrolment is for the full academic year, without any reduction or reimbursement for students who, for whatever reason, withdraw from the course.

c) Exam fee (to be paid by September 2nd 2021): 400 EURO.

d) A.M.I. Membership fee (to be paid by Sept. 30th 2020): 30 EURO
• The students will pay collective membership fees all together, directly to A.M.I. Head Office, during the first month of the course. This fee is not to be included in the payments made to the Centre.

Payments must be made in EURO only and in the form of bank transfers or international checks issued by a bank. Payment for the fees must be made out only to the:
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani
Via Clara Maffei, 16; 24121 Bergamo, Italy.
Transaction costs involved in checks/transfers must be reimbursed by the students once they are in Bergamo.

Bergamo Skyline

"Bergamo's structured, well researched orientation to the Montesssori materials, the psychology, and methodology, provided keys which not only changed the visionary direction of my life, it provided concretely and in great detail the tools with which to implement theory into practice." Alumni