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Via Pignolo




Bergamo is located at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy, and has a population of about 120,000. It is situated in a picturesque setting, partly on a plain (Città Bassa) and partly in the hills (Città Alta).

The city dates back to the ancient Roman period of history. In the 6th century the Lombards ruled the town; in the 14th century it fell under the rule of the duchy of Milan. The city flourished in the late 15th century under Venetian government. The old quarter is perfectly preserved from medieval times.

In 1989, the Centre moved from its previous location in Piazza Cittadella (Città Alta) to its current location on via Pignolo. Via Pignolo is the oldest street to link the upper and lower parts of Bergamo, and much of it consists of houses built for the aristocracy during the 16th and 17th centuries.


Bergamo Skyline

"The cultural side of living in Italy is fantastic. The small villages, art, paintings, the bells telling the time, beautiful and inspirational." Alumni